Friday, February 25, 2011

What's in the Mail?

RX-93 nu Fighter.
I got this in mail today, and i have this model before, but i got to get this one to make a comparison on GUNDOOM, Yeah! i know... its TT... but.... still cant get my hands on GUNDOOM....... maybe i'll juz wait till my birthday...

I also got some new tools too!!!

ok, i started building this gunpla today, and i got some pretty interesting idea.... tomorrow i will paint it black, and show you guys the WIP on painting and some lite mod that i've been busy doing today....  

And here are some of the picture that i have as a references on building this one....  

Do they sell this? if they are, i hope HKT will bring this in.
I Love This.
 And this is too cute to be true. GMK


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1 comment:

  1. hi zech. nice reference for the nu gundam build. i think i wanna borrow some....hehe...