Monday, January 24, 2011

Zecharia Zaku Project STAGE TWO

I first started my ZakuII project a few weeks ago, and it looks like this(Above)... this was a hard model to work with, considering im an amateur.. but still, i want to try my own modding using my own basic skills... and, in the end, it looks like this(Below)...

i know.. this picture is a bit blurred... well, this is 70% progress on my zaku... yup, i painted it.. hahaha... and doing some weathering along the way(1st try) and it look like crap... oh dear.... still got a load of mistakes to be repaired and a lot of frame to be painted, and still waiting for my decals before i can finish this... then i can spray some matte clear... mean while, i also working on my 2nd project... check it out...

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