Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finishing Pending Gunplas

After taking a break for almost 2 month now, i dont have time to blog, its not that i dont have the time, but mostly is because of the time i spent more with my friends is more important to me rather than spending time with my Plastic Buddy.. i almost thinkin of quitting GUNPLA.... but still i drool every time i pass by HKT.. :D

i recently bought 2 awesome piece of plastic, the latest one is MG ACGUY and another one isMC 1/144 HI-Nu Gundoom... both are cool and the acguy still blow my mind... not bad for being the top3 MG of all time...

I will tru my best to update it ASAP(TOMORROW), as my schedule is verry2 packed for the time being... :D

Untill than, Adios...


Friday, March 18, 2011

Accidentally fall In LOVE.

Finally, i can review this two nice young "Girls" as i like to called it, lets pretend that the RX-93 Nu Fighter is a bandai, because the design of it is the same... and there is the RX-93 Nu Gundoom!! Lets imagine these two are Girls.... RX-93 Nu Fighter is some chick that you used to see in collage, school or the bus stop... and the GUNDOOM is some chick that you can only see once, and you kept on thinking about her the whole day! And that my friend, is love...

the very first time i saw this kit, maybe a few month back, it was own by the Tall Guy that work at HKT... and at that point, i want to get my own Gundoom, because of the "bussyness" and the "Examness", i cant get my hands on one... so i share my broken heart with My friend from KL, and she agree to find me some Gundoom (later i pay method), but sadly, she didn't find one... but she does find the Ordinary girl, that is the Nu Fighter, and she agree that i dont have to pay for it... yaiksss!! :P after it arrived, i was like, happy for 20 second... and i dont even bother to build it after that.

at that point, im thinking of something very incredible! (My brains work extra hard at tat time) "Why dont i compare this 2 kit and decide who got the "IT FACTOR" and whos not... (Obviously you know who will win) 

Gundoom is a model kit made by Model comprehend or the MC.... you can get this kit at HKT for RM78.80... its a very nice kit to get... it wont be disappointing....

+Honestly, this is greater than Bandai.
+Fit very easy.. no problems at all...
+Much more stylish and BAD from  the original Nu Fighter.
+Very details and many extra details.
+Soft plastic, and feels like Bandai.

NOT FOR THIS KIT. the only flaw is, hard to panel line, and the decals is Nothing..

This kit satisfied me in terms of money and a great build... this is a kit that you can look at for hours and never get bored (im doing it for the past few hours now), this will definitely make you say WOW.




This update and Gunpla(GUNDOOM) is especially dedicated to Japan.

Unleashed The fury.

with some coffee sitting in a mug next to me, finally i can stick my face in front of my PC. Just back from the night life and still i manage to Reblogging. after some aspirin and laksa, im fine, despite how many bottle of liquor i've been drinking... anyways..... since im here, and i dont want to waste anytime, because of my idea drains very fast...

Shin Musha_GAOGAO.

My girlfriend bought this for me although im aiming for something els for my birthday, ehem... this kit cost around RM120-130 and still a pretty expensive for a GaoGao kit... and there is some GOOD and EVIL like i always mentioned on my other updates.... the good thing is, this way given to my as a birthday gift and i am determine to keep this as long as possible.. and the other good thing is, This kit is truly "Something", very worthy to get and kept as a personal collection.  Like all of you already know,  GaoGao gunpla sometimes stubborn to fit, not to mention the color scheme.. the gold part supposed to be gold, instead, its a yellow. and i hate the fact that the decals is something that a 10year old can make by using a piece of paper and a pencil. enough with the bla,bla,bla.... lets go to the final verdict.

After building this kit for almost 12hour, doing some modification and extra touches, i find this kit is rather annoying like the anoying orange... but doesn't mean that i don't like it......

+Its a great kit to have.
+Its a great kit to have.
+its a great kit to have.
+its a great kit to put on display.
+The weapons is very cool!!!  

EVIL.... (God! where do i start.)
-Hard to snap tight.
-Color is just awful!
-No special capabilities like the other MG.
-Plastic Quality 0.5/10
-This is a mistake!

and why do i said so? maybe for some reason, gaogao is in a  hurry to sell this kit and forget to Quality control, this is suitable for Mechanic and collector, they know how to fix it, as for me, i run out of pla plates.. and excuse me, im not "TERRER". :D

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Take a time..

Tsunami hit japan few days back, and it really open my heart... what if the tsunami hit Sarawak? do malaysian newspaper and media will make a joke about it?? Najib or Taib is running away from the wave??? like what they did to japan? are Malaysian that bad people?? maybe few that still got a drop of racism in their blood.. to be honest, if we were hit, i would laugh at our so called "Kerajaan", because i know they cant handle it, and perhaps Japan will be one of the many country that will giving hands and share tears with us... I got friends on facebook, he's from japan and live in the affected area... till today i receive nothing about his wellbeing and whereabout.. this is devastating for me. we can be next, as the world climate is changing. there is a rumor about the radiation from a nuclear is in our raindrops, and i dont mind getting sick because of it. i am willing to share tears with JAPAN. this few days always raining and as if the world is crying.. for the people who lost their family, lost their parents, children, friends, best friends, girlfriend and boyfriend, i am sorry, i cant describe any of this by words. there is nothing much i can do to help. if you were in their shoe, you will definitely know what i mean.

To Malaysian, no matter what is your religion, your race, or even where you came from... let us unite as one, and help them by prayer... if you can help more than just prayers, plese visit and do your part the same as i do. 

this is a massage from Zecharia Himself, this is what my heart is telling me to do.

Help other and you will be helped....

your help could make a difference.

(Zecharia's Daily blogspot will not be updated anytime soon.) 

This Gundoom is dedicated for The Tsunami Victims,
Who lost their:
Their Faith.
From: Zecharia's Daily.