Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Zecharia Zaku Project STAGE ONE

first of all, take a look at this pic....

i started this project a few weeks ago, using my ZAKU II i manage to take my gunpla skill to the next level. i have many resource on customizing Gunpla, i take the chance to learn and try it at the same time.. 


What will you need for this small scale project is:
1) Leftover Gunpla runners.
2)Design knife.
4)Masking tape.
6)Super Glue.
7)Zippo lighter fluid.

Sand the zaku shield otherwise the glue wont stick hard enough, scrap away the leftover from the side with a design knife.. you can do this and you can choose not to, the only reason that im doing this is, because i will paint it in the end.

Cut the runners especially on the "Bending side, usually on the edge of the runner", sand it first, carefully put some glue underneath, after you done, sand it again and again so that you will get a very smooth surface.

  as you can see, i painted the shield red, red orange to be precise, let it to dry for a while.. in my case, im using a hair dryer.. :D 

Before putting a layer of silver marker, i wipe the shield with a zippo lighter fluid.. why? to get the paint go underneath the bar... wipe the bar, not too much and not too little, you will know by yourself when its redy... put some silver marker when the lighter fluid is still soaking... and there you go.. your own custom made zaku shield..

 looks good without paint.

You can always e-mail me for question.. its not as hard as it seems.. trust me... when your Gunpla look like crap, you can always sand it, then paint it again, or simply use as a training gunpla... well, happy trying!

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