Sunday, January 9, 2011

Un'der de pressure.

I'ts been a while,
The reason is, i'm busy with Class and PROJECTs... since its my last semester and all...
There is a lot of work, class and project that had to be done. oh how i wish that there is a place like "You can be  anything you want, and they don't see your Education Certificate" I GOT SKILL! and let me be myself. Not By "ow! where the heck is your diploma?"

Mankind dont have to be taught to eat rite?? its their basic survival instinct.
And Mankind dont have to be taught to .... (Ow, i guess im wrong.. :D)

the fact is, i have to face everything that is put in front of me..
But can you handle it if you>>>>

Stress With:

Class: Forced to do this, that and have to go here, there and go print this and that. "This is wrong!" and i have                                                                                       to do it over and over again.

Money: Read the above! "go here, there(RM80.00) and go print this and that(RM50.00. "This is wrong! and i have to do it over(RM160.00) and over again (RM100.00)." TOTAL RM260. Hostel Rent RM100. Eat! RM150(Half of the month) Total=RM510(ROUGH) the total number is RM760. 

the conclusion is, i hate it, simply hated it..

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