Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Bieber Fever.


The bieber fever? is it even a diseased?? well, unfortunetly its true. common people who gets this kind of fever is my sister girls. and its not hard to tell whether they had been infected or not.the symptom are.

1.They would listen to that "baby,baby,baby" song over and over again.
2. they would look like this. yeshhhh!
3. errrr.... you girls like this pic??? or.... 
4. they would be crazy to look at this pic(Hard On Bieber)
5. They wish their boyfriend to look like justin bieber (Opposite for Ga*)

Dear friends and readers..... the verry comon medicen is Asprin.... this is not just a fever... its bieber fever.... 

Try this on google.... "Justin bieber is a...." good luck and hav fun you bastards..... i hate bieber

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