Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gaddess 1/144 TT Hongli

Yesterday i met Mr Tokay at Heng Kim Trading, and he gave me a great task of building a gunpla... and that's not all... it's a TT Hongli!! hahaha... we discus about how much the TT Hongli had improve.. i mean, A LOT had improve.... today, im building it since starting from tomorow im going to be busy with Class and project till the 4th of February... well, this is it!
This is the box. Get this at Heng Kim Trading for RM25.80

 Clear parts for action mode!!
 The Stand.


To be honest, i dont have any problem building this one... its a great build with a little effort... im quite satisfied
with this one..

 Im pressing the eye sticker with a tooth pick, a great way to get i done nicely. :D

 You guys should get this at Heng Kim Trading... and i must tell, THIS IS A MUST when you are building TT Hongli!

 Sand the end of the plastic to get a smooth and clean surface.
 Polish where the plastic is connected. 
 Love the leg!
 The ankle articulation. 

There are no problems at all! a nice smooth build! lets see the 70% progress!

 This is what the clear parts is for....

Let me show you guys another tips and trick to make your BOOTLEG model look more cool... 

Look at this empty hole rite here...

 To make this, what you have to do is...
 use some glue and a sewing bid... you can find this anywhere.
 And this is the 100%! lookin gooddd...

This is the first time ever!!! i build a TT Hongli without any problems, although the color scheme is "Lari" a bit... but you still can paint it anytime....

-Go buy yourself some of this!!! its a great build! im pretty much stratified with this. its a nice Gunpla, at first, i kindda hate Gaddess, but now, im in love with it... go build one of this yourself... i will display this at Heng Kim Trading, if the tokey wants me to... tokey, can ah??? well, till next time!!!

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  1. wow!nice built there bro...this makes me wanna buy 1 :) hmmm...i tot hengkim sponsored u wif this kit...if yes...i would like to participate also :)