Thursday, February 3, 2011

Clash of The THREE.

A few days perhaps weeks back, i get my 2nd sponsored gundam.. EXIA R2... TT of course... and i dont like the finish product.... its hard to build, to many breaking parts... to make it up to you guys, i will buy 2 boxes of EXIA R2, of the same brand, the TT Hongli... What im going to do is, i will give one of you Free TT Hongli Exia R2, build it yourself, and compare it to my EXIA R2.. who ever want to participate Email me at BLOOBERRY_CHAOSLOVE@YAHOO.COM.. i will pick one of you guys.. to my DONE Exia R2, i will give it to Kai at Heng Kim, and ask him to REDO it... We will compare 3 Exia R2, Same model, same brand But different GUNPLA BUILDERS.

I called this event, CLASH OF THE THREE!!!

Email me your name, contact no, and tell me why you want to participate, and what will you do with the EXIA R2.

+I will Straight Build.
+YOU can do whatever you want.
+Kai will customize It. 

The duration is 1 week, Email me The WIP(Work in progress) pictures every 3 days... the end of the week, i will update it in my blog. and i will let people at Sarawak Gunpla Meisters be the judge which one is better.

as for the prize, there are none. Maybe next time.

So email me as fast as you can.

Anyway, Have a great Happy Chinese new year!!


  1. i built one R2 gao gao and even got to paint it. I think i will post the terrible looking paint job i did to it in my next post=) just go visit my blog to view the exia R2

  2. so i guess i should say this is the benchmark. Anyone who wants to participate in this contest must do a better job than what i did=p haha here is the link:

    Good luck Gundam Modelers!!! Visit Hengkim and BUY BUY BUY!!!!=)