Monday, February 14, 2011

The GHOST 30% Photos.

Finally, i have the time to update my blog, after the presentation earlier this morning, i tell myself, why not focusing on my gunpla for now.. hahaha... before the final exam starts, i got to finish this BABY. but for now, i have this problem, I DONT HAVE ANY BLACK SPRAY LEFT.. oh dear... not sure when i can buy them. maybe next week??? or.. next month?? i dont want to think about it... other than this, i heard some interesting news that Heng Kim Trading is planning for "Air Brush Studio" and i was like.... "THIS IS AWESOME!!" definitely i will get myself an air brush! this could be the start of a new frontier for me! and for all of gunpla fans. Credit to HKT. :D

anyway, this is the link to the picture of my GHOST (This is the link :D). maybe a lot of you wondered.... why the f*** with you having this other blog? well my friend, you ask the right person... after thinking a while about Marriage how serious i am about Gunpla nowdays, i dont want to Menyemak at Zecharia's daily, this blog is for reviews only, and the other is pretty much like a workshop... for a WIP, Tutorials, and some tips maybe... some random picture... bla...bla...bla.... zzzZZZzzzZZZ.... Kroh....krohhhh....

till nex time. :D


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