Thursday, February 17, 2011


This is the Strike Freedom that i got at Heng Kim Trading today, this is the new stock... Its so tempting! oh dear.... today i almost finish my GHOST, and i finished working with this Gunpla... i like it so much, no problemoo at all... overall its a nice Gunpla.....

Accept this as an apology because i could not finish the exia that HKT have sponsored me before... hahaha... but i fixed the exia.. well.... Sort of... Consider this as a HKT sponsored post. yeah!

First, here im going to review about this PLASTIC, well, some of you may say that TT Hongli or GaoGao suck as A**.... but not all of em.... Saya Berani cakap: Some of the Gaogao model suck... but if you keep on buying certain model, you can see the differences... for example compare EXIA RII Gaogao wit GADDESS also from the same company.... I Dont have any problem with Gaddess... But i have a TONS of problem with Exia RII.... just to be safe, i recommend you buy a bigger BOX, and not the small one.... if you realize something, there are 2 kind of packaging, the BIG box, and the SMALL box.... i usually buy The BIG box instead of the small one... you can see there is a lot of differences... well, you dont know it untill you try it yourself... well, good luck.. :D till next time...  

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