Saturday, February 5, 2011

Behind Zecharia's Daily Updates

maybe some people say "Gundam collecting guy are nerds and they dont have a real life". well, im gonna change that Ill Think, first of all, i have a prety good social life, beside building gunpla, i also:
Enjoy myself at clubs, drink till im wasted.

i have a great girlfriend.
Hang out with friends:Kem Permai.

Gunpla building is just another of my interest, one of my passion. some people say that im childish just because i collect gunpla, well dude, you were wrong, i bet that i have better social life than you. hahahaha.... at least i dont BURN my money on drugs.

a few days back, my friend ask me, What is your GARAGE look like?? well, have you ever wondered, what tools i use, what is my "Garage" look like, well, today im going to answer that  once and for all.
 Alone time "PLACE"
 I Prefer ALTECO, My best friend.
 Satay stick for painting.

 My Basic Tools.
 Paint, Bids and masking tape.
i cant read this, but i enjoy the pictures... :P

Now you know almost all about me...


 TT Hongli ma.....
 Bought this today.
 3 Enact.
 My Zaku!

Gunpla is a healthy addiction.. i must say, im still a student, and i spent most of my time at college, but when i have the time, i would build gunpla or enjoy myself till the sun came out. i never care about money, Gunpla is a very expensive hobby, but people like me have other option just to stay away from "itching hand", damn it, i need TT Hongli.. :P

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