Monday, January 24, 2011

What do they say about TT Hongli.

i ask my friend at Sarawak Gunpla Meisters(Facebook) about TT Hongli product, and this is their responses. 

i have to cover the name and the profile picture to protect the identity, hahaha.. Mcm polis sudaa...anyway, thanks to them for giving this useful responses. 


THE BRIGHT SIDE__________>>>>>>>>

1) If you are less fortunate, you can get TT Hongli, we all know that Bandai is very2 expensive.

2)You can use TT Hongli as a training or even Jump Start your Gunpla Hobby.

3)Its a great Gift.. :P

4)Use it as spare parts.

5)Sangat2 Murah2.

6)The quality is not too bad.

THE DARK SIDE_________>>>>> :D

1) Hard to assemble.

2) Sometimes the parts wont fit together.

3) and easily broken.

4) Loose Joints.

5) Badly engineered.

6) Badly design stickers and decals. 

If you are planning to go get yourself a TT Hongli, go ahead.. its not a bad idea at all, but i would not recommending. Unless you have some skills and an appropriate tools.  

TROUGH self Experiences:

when i build TT Hongli gunplas i need a lot of tools. and i would break something along the way, i even tend to destroy them. But still, sometimes i would go for TT Hongli.


Go buy yourself a Bandai. If only you want to have fun building gunplas, go get yourself a TT,.. Bandai is for trained professional.. :D




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