Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Big Collaboration

there will be a Collaboration be twin Zecharia's Daily and Heng Kim Trading soon, and there will be a review about the most controversial issue in Gunpla world, THE BOOTLEG copy of Bandai, THE NOTORIOUS TT HONGLI/GAOGAO, but in the same time i like both Bandai and TT Hongli.

Anyway, what we like to prove here is, TT Hongli is not that bad, and not that ugly compare to Bandai.. Today i meet Mr Tokay of Heng Kim Trading to take my 1st ever sponsored Gunpla, and its not Bandai! its TT H O N G L I ! ! and i will make a review about the improving quality of the TT Hongli brand. Along the way i will show you some useful tips to make your TT Hongli gunpla look more... ermmm... good i guess... hahaha...

In my next review, i will be reviewing 1/144 TT HONGLI GADDESS, well gunpla lovers, get your tools ready and make sure you go get yourself a TT HONGLI GADDESS and lets do it to gather, hahahaha.... Go check it out at Heng Kim Trading.... very murah2... : ) Till next time.

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