Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finishing Pending Gunplas

After taking a break for almost 2 month now, i dont have time to blog, its not that i dont have the time, but mostly is because of the time i spent more with my friends is more important to me rather than spending time with my Plastic Buddy.. i almost thinkin of quitting GUNPLA.... but still i drool every time i pass by HKT.. :D

i recently bought 2 awesome piece of plastic, the latest one is MG ACGUY and another one isMC 1/144 HI-Nu Gundoom... both are cool and the acguy still blow my mind... not bad for being the top3 MG of all time...

I will tru my best to update it ASAP(TOMORROW), as my schedule is verry2 packed for the time being... :D

Untill than, Adios...


1 comment:

  1. The Acguy, IMHO, is the best MG yet. It may look simple, but the mechanics truly show what a Master Grade should be (the claws are spring loaded btw)