Monday, January 24, 2011

Tieren Ground Type.

Zee box! (i know, its TT Hongli)

I bought this yesterday, and i finished it yesterday too... RM19.80 is very worth it... some of my TT Hongli had disappointed me in the past.. But i still prefer buying it when i'm bored... haha, a "Murah" style gunpla entertainment!! 

I notice something, the runner and the parts is more clean than usual... but still i have to sand it to get a better and smooth surface for painting... and the ball joint is just awful! too stiff, but its an improvement... The verdict    
is TT Hongli is getting better.. :D is it impossible that we get a TT with the same quality as Bandai in the future??  might be not...

 a 1 Hour proses.. God!
 40% completion.
50% Completion.

THE 100%

awesome!! haaha... it turn out to be a great build, im satisfied, already have some idea for modification.. wait 
till i have some time and money to do so... in the future, i will have THE TIEREN Project Stage One... hahaha... Conclusion... TT Hongli is hard to build, need some patient and some skill to get it done... well, you can say its the "Expert" lavel Gunpla... But you wont be disappointed after the build! go get yourself some TT. 

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