Friday, February 18, 2011

PG Three Kingdom.

Ehem... me myself is not a Fan of Three Kingdom or BBW... all of that is about to change....Today, HKT Ask me to choose on this 3 different PG 3Kingdom. i choose one.... I was surprised to see that TT Hongli is actually releasing their own casting of Three-Kingdom SD model kits, when Bandai's casting of Sangokuden is so well known and well thought off... after building this model, i realize that there is no problem at all! 

  • The plastic quality is very nice. Bandai's still a little better but TT Hongli is not too far away with this kit.
  • Well, TT Hongli did a good job with the color, and i hope in the future they would paint some parts that supposed to be gold with.... Gold, not orangey yelowwy...
  • The sticker... well... they still using cheap paper for that..

  • Head/Neck: Using ball joints, rotate well...
  • Shoulder: The shoulder is connected to the shoulder armour which then connects to the body. The movement of the shoulder is limited due to the shoulder armour and it cannot be opened wide.
  • Elbow: Elbow can be bend 90 degrees! AMAZING!!! like! like! like some more!!!!!
  • Hand/Wrist: Like always...
  • Torso: Twist left & right.
  • Hip: Ball joint to the tight.
  • Knee: An SD/BB with knee that can bend nearly to 90 degrees! Another AMAZINGLY DONE BY TT HONGLI!
  • Ankle/Feet: Ball joint.
  • The articulation system is a little ahead of Bandai's SD/BB... im tellin ya.

This is not a BOOTLEG! its TT Hongli Originally made product... to my research, this thing cost at "Semenanjug" RM3+... and you still have to pre order it! Lucky Heng Kim Trading have this in stock... and much cheaper... you got to try this one...

The Verdict is: Its Fun to Build, Nice to see, A LOT OF DETAILS...

well, the WIP will be updated later on ZECHARIA'S DAILY WORKSHOP... check it out if you have the time... till next time.... OUTTT!!

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