Friday, March 18, 2011

Unleashed The fury.

with some coffee sitting in a mug next to me, finally i can stick my face in front of my PC. Just back from the night life and still i manage to Reblogging. after some aspirin and laksa, im fine, despite how many bottle of liquor i've been drinking... anyways..... since im here, and i dont want to waste anytime, because of my idea drains very fast...

Shin Musha_GAOGAO.

My girlfriend bought this for me although im aiming for something els for my birthday, ehem... this kit cost around RM120-130 and still a pretty expensive for a GaoGao kit... and there is some GOOD and EVIL like i always mentioned on my other updates.... the good thing is, this way given to my as a birthday gift and i am determine to keep this as long as possible.. and the other good thing is, This kit is truly "Something", very worthy to get and kept as a personal collection.  Like all of you already know,  GaoGao gunpla sometimes stubborn to fit, not to mention the color scheme.. the gold part supposed to be gold, instead, its a yellow. and i hate the fact that the decals is something that a 10year old can make by using a piece of paper and a pencil. enough with the bla,bla,bla.... lets go to the final verdict.

After building this kit for almost 12hour, doing some modification and extra touches, i find this kit is rather annoying like the anoying orange... but doesn't mean that i don't like it......

+Its a great kit to have.
+Its a great kit to have.
+its a great kit to have.
+its a great kit to put on display.
+The weapons is very cool!!!  

EVIL.... (God! where do i start.)
-Hard to snap tight.
-Color is just awful!
-No special capabilities like the other MG.
-Plastic Quality 0.5/10
-This is a mistake!

and why do i said so? maybe for some reason, gaogao is in a  hurry to sell this kit and forget to Quality control, this is suitable for Mechanic and collector, they know how to fix it, as for me, i run out of pla plates.. and excuse me, im not "TERRER". :D

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