Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Take a time..

Tsunami hit japan few days back, and it really open my heart... what if the tsunami hit Sarawak? do malaysian newspaper and media will make a joke about it?? Najib or Taib is running away from the wave??? like what they did to japan? are Malaysian that bad people?? maybe few that still got a drop of racism in their blood.. to be honest, if we were hit, i would laugh at our so called "Kerajaan", because i know they cant handle it, and perhaps Japan will be one of the many country that will giving hands and share tears with us... I got friends on facebook, he's from japan and live in the affected area... till today i receive nothing about his wellbeing and whereabout.. this is devastating for me. we can be next, as the world climate is changing. there is a rumor about the radiation from a nuclear is in our raindrops, and i dont mind getting sick because of it. i am willing to share tears with JAPAN. this few days always raining and as if the world is crying.. for the people who lost their family, lost their parents, children, friends, best friends, girlfriend and boyfriend, i am sorry, i cant describe any of this by words. there is nothing much i can do to help. if you were in their shoe, you will definitely know what i mean.

To Malaysian, no matter what is your religion, your race, or even where you came from... let us unite as one, and help them by prayer... if you can help more than just prayers, plese visit and do your part the same as i do. 

this is a massage from Zecharia Himself, this is what my heart is telling me to do.

Help other and you will be helped....

your help could make a difference.

(Zecharia's Daily blogspot will not be updated anytime soon.) 

This Gundoom is dedicated for The Tsunami Victims,
Who lost their:
Their Faith.
From: Zecharia's Daily.

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