Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Before You and After You..

The story that never told....

For me, love is something you can never play with, it involves heart, mind and spirit. love is the only thing that i found perfect in life... the only reason for everything... the reason for me to be a better person, to be a good friend, to be a good son to my mum and dad, to be success in life.... oh i wish i could change the world, i wish i could cater for everyone that i love... the fact is, i cant... every single girl that showed up in my life, i can tell, only few that i love soo much... i still remember my very first love, my very first hug, and my very first "KISS".... i wish i could go back to 5 years before.... i can change all of my mistakes and my misjudge.... i wish i was a better man before... but im not..... i cant please you, i never kept my promises... but i would be a liar if i tell that i don't love you with all of my heart and soul... i would be a liar i told you i didn't missed you every single day after you left.... and i would be a liar if i told you i don't want you anymore.... now, i have other priority, after you left, i found another girl that changed my life forever... she love me as much as i love you..... she inspired me to be better... i adore everything she did for me, cater for me every time my tummy ache, cook for me, cleaning my clothes.... and i can never break a promise to a girl like her..... now, she's taking your position's.... your past possession.... i love her so much.... we did everything together, and every time we were together, i love her more and more every time.. if i can choose between you and her now, i would say.... "i cant decide" im sorry..... there a lot of memories going on, in the same time, i need a "Wife" for the future.... if i have to choose "Sweet Girlfriend" and "Wife"... now i'll answer.... "Wife".
i hope you would be happy for me as much as im happy for you now...

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