Friday, July 23, 2010

Gray Hair.

Dear blogger, arini i just discover my first gray hair.... i was like (OMG) cool about it.... take a break and relax watching TV (PO*N)..... this month i "stress sesangat".... im thingking to much..... sampai my head is sakit and feel like nak pecah... Gosh!!! i relly2 need some entertainment here people! (desperately)
im thinkin about a nice cup of tea (Absolut).... College is too boring for me now..... i dont feel like going on with my studies (apatah lagi future study, ciss... ada hati) in order for me to achieve what i always wanted, i got to be patient.... i want to be "kaya", like one of those computer geek, wait! what is his name again??? (pura2 tak tahu). hm..... i still remember my mom say..... "shy Shy Snail"- means, we must work hard in life... :P (dont bother asking me what shy shy snail stands for).
THE DARN TRUTH is, im getting older..... x lama lg mati.... i wish i could enjoy everything i done, makan pon i consider FUN.... :)i love to eat...... eat love me... :D

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