Saturday, July 24, 2010

Zack Visiting Sarawak

its a big world out there, and i'm out today exploring it.... :) fuhh... what a day.... very penat yet fun trip... after lunch, were heading to THE capital city OF SARAWAK!!! CAT CITY!! Kuching... :) yay..... tambang bas only RM2 lor.... hehehe, murah-murah(dlm hati, jiwa kacau). hehehe, we visit the world re-noun(sort of) INDIA STREET. People cikit today, and dont buy anything... (no money no talk lehh.... hehehe, as we walk along the famous Waterfront, we decide to take a ride in the infamous PENAMBANG A.K.A SAMPAN A.K.A Small ferry A.K.A (........), The owner is kind enough to let we ride the PENAMBANG all by our self!! (CATAR/SEWA/RENT) for RM35 30min, The "Pengayuh sampan" is quite friendly, we talk along the way(Pengayuh sampan/tour guide) hehehe..... its kind of fun, although im scared a lil bit(MUCH)... the "sampan" always rock from side to side like it want to terbalik... (there i go, showing off my FUK*ED up english.

Its a very nice experience though...... ehem..... we saw like, this man is "Berak" from a fishing boat! i was like!!! no way this guy is a Malaysian! since Malaysia accept many foreigner, dont trust me??? look at SWIN BU***.... :) as we cruise along the river, we saw a dragon!!!!!! kidding... :D

Then we head to Sarawak muzium...... sadly, it was closed when we get there.... its okay, cuz there's a lot of "primitive people" in the park at the back... (HAMES) kinda fun to see their primitive behavior...

And then, we head back home.....

scenery from our sampan!!


do you know what this is???? Iban call this thing ANTU ENGKERAMBA, in english...... we call this ENGKERAMBA GHOST or Teddy bear... :D

Engkeramba means UGLY...
Ghost means Antu..


Im Messing with ya.....

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