Monday, August 2, 2010


Firstly, hai, and welcome to Bleeding CO. official blog... here is the thing, i will start my own company soon, (actually its already started) and i need professional worker like.... Graphic Designer, photographer, freshly graduate student or "Belom" graduate student from sarawak or!! creative people to give me a hand... we will divide the money equally.... Sounds great? yeah.... 1 more thing, untung rugi we all tanggung... sound risky?? yeahh... but once kita untung, sapa happy?? WE ALL la.... :D

ok, this will be a work group... advertiser, photographer and designer, i need at least 2 people... oh God.... am i desperate? yes i am.... i relly2 want this to work... if im alone, i cant do it.. :( this is my TAWARAN PEKERJAAN tanpa Gaji... oh dear.... i know you guys will say that im "mengarut je"... but im serious....

this is my vision....
-we'll be successful..
-Bleeding clothing will rule the streets..
-everywhere you see, Bleeding Clothing..
-Fashion of the world..
-simplicity of fashion..
-5,000-10,000 income a month..
-Own Concept store by 2011.
-Own Franchise outside Sarawak.
-Sarawak'kian Youth choice.
-Eliminating the "Gai"...
-Top quality apparel.
-Popular apparel.
-Artist will endorse our clothing.
-Designing shoes, sneakers..
-Limited Edition T-shirt. (ONE OF A KIND)

-Bleeding Roam The Streets-
-Photographer (No experience needed)
-Advertiser (No experience needed)
-Models (No experience needed)
-Supplier (No experience needed)
-Orang biasa. (No experience needed)

No Skim Cepat Kaya...
I Need someone ASAP to discus future action..
Email me at (


Have a nice..... erm.... night??? ow... evening... :D

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